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About us

ABM Machine Innovation

ABM designs and manufactures customized machines to answer, in the most efficient and suitable way, all the peculiar requirements of each production process.

ABM takes shape from the long-standing and thorough experience of Averoldi Srl and AMC (Averoldi Machine Construction), of which they represent the evolution.

Since 1964 Averoldi Srl has been a leading company in high precision metal working, with a wide variety of materials and details, which ranges from heavy duty steel work to small parts, thanks to the quality of their machineries, constantly inspected and periodically renewed.

The philosophy of Averoldi Srl revolves around a deep-rooted customer oriented service: it is no coincidence that one their points of excellence is the specialized mechanical assembly, where the peculiar skills and expertise of the technical team are making the difference, compared to the competitors.

Within this context, in the Nineties, on the wave of the paper processing industry sudden growth, AMC was founded, becoming part of the Averoldi Group as a manufacturer of machines and systems for the specific sector.

ABM is geared to the future of the industry, arising from the solid foundations of two generations of know-how of the Averoldi Group. An innovative, reactive, flexible and versatile company, able to face the growing complexity of the global market, proposing “tailor-made” technical solutions to improve and optimize the customer's production processes.

The modern industry has to face many difficult challenges: ensuring lead times, certifying the quality of materials and methods, and keeping costs within a competitive range, while respecting the company standards and strict safety regulations.

ABM responds to these challenges by creating ad hoc solutions built around the customer specification, thanks to their own team of professionals and the amount of skills and technologies they dispose of; studying and building machines and systems integrated efficiently and abiding the customer's production processes.

Customer-oriented innovation: the strength of ABM is the result of an engineering history, which blends with the passion for industry and technology, to offer turnkey solutions that help your company grow.

our values

Passion Quality Innovation Flexibility

Our experience is our main competitive edge: we are a company built by young and qualified professionals with deep experience and skills in various fields.

We proudly work according to a culture that promotes innovation and cooperation. This culture has produced a team that loves to cooperate with customers, facing challenges together.

At ABM, we are all driven by the same values:


Our success is making the difference for our customers by achieving goals together.


We guarantee all the projects are taken care of with the ultimate professionalism, constantly interacting with our customers.


We are 100% committed to the development of consistent and valuable solutions, befitting the present with a glimpse to the future.


We are your partner to guarantee your processes are solid, feasible and ready to meet the demands of the market, with a great ability to solve the problems.



ABM Machine Innovation


ABM Machine Innovation


ABM Machine Innovation

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ABM Machine Innovation

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ABM Machine Innovation

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ABM Srl- Machine Innovation


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R.E.A. BS-583915


Via Gardesana,22 - 25086 Rezzato (BS) Italy)

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